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Orion Gyoza (Utsunomiya Ekimaedori Shop) | Delicious Utsunomiya Dumplings Open Until Late at Night

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I wanted to eat dumplings late at night, so I decided to go to Orion Gyoza (オリオン餃子 宇都宮駅前通り店). Most of the dumpling shops in this area closes at around 20:00.

There was no parking lot at the store which was a bummer. I did a little shopping at the station before hand to get a discount at the Utsunomiya station affiliated parking lot to save a little change.

Business Hours

Lunch | 11:30~14:30 (LO 14:00)
Dinner | 17:00~24:00 (LO 23:00)

Closed days | No regular closed days


Orion dumplings (6) ¥380
Miso sauce dumplings (6) ¥480
Cheese dumplings (6) ¥580
Coriander dumplings (6) ¥480
Pork soup dumplings (3) ¥380

Medium rice ¥200

Pork broth soy sauce ramen ¥780


*tax 10% not included

Review of the Food

I actually ordered all of the dumpling menus lol. Most of them were strongly flavored to match the alcohol, especially beer 🙂 Which also goes very well with plain rice!

The Orion dumplings are the basic gyoza in this shop. This was already good enough to start with!

Orion dumplings (6) オリオン餃子 ¥380

The miso sauce dumplings were also tasty, but it was a little questionable for paying the extra ¥100+tax for just the sauce and the little bits of leeks.

Miso sauce dumplings (6) 味噌ダレ餃子 ¥480

My favorite was the cheese dumplings. I recommend it. The crispy cheese really matched with the dumplings.

Cheese dumplings (6) チーズ羽餃子 ¥580

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