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Towa Pure Cottage in Nasu|Transparent tent “AURA” glamping experience!

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I was very excited to experience the transparent camping dome “AURA” which opened in May 2019.

Glamping is a mixed word between glamorous+camping. The perfect word for this luxurious camping!



【Reference pricing】

Transparent dome AURA, 1 night + 2 meals
¥68,200 (¥34,100/person) tax included

I used the Goto campaign back in 2020 which cut the actual price to ¥17,165/person.

You will also get discounts for Nasu Highlandpark company’s affiliated amusement parks because it’s an official hotel.

Nasu Highlandpark | ¥1,600 ->Entrance fee free
Rondo Lake Family Farm | ¥1,600 -> Entrance fee free
NOZARU (adventure play ground) | ¥4,600 -> ¥3,000

AURA the transparent dome

Inside of the dome was very spacious. I was lucky enough to get Area B with the theme park view.

Inside of the AURA dome

You will get some privacy when you close the curtain 🙂

AURA dome during the night

The ceiling of the dome wasn’t as transparent as it was supposed to be. They only cleaned the outside to the height of an arm.

Nonetheless, you can still see the magnificent night sky illuminated by the stars. You can actually see it on the photo taken by the iPhoneXS camera too.

It’s probably nicer if it rained the day before. lol

There was only one stand light. But, good enough for a camp!

It was a cold winter day, so the AC was always turned on the during the stay. Which also made the room too dry. They didn’t have a humidifier (which they should consider) and I couldn’t resist making my own 🙂

Sanitary areas

The shared sinks were just like the normal camp sites. Toilets were relatively new.

The onsen ♨️ (showers and hot spring baths) is in the main reception building. The onsens are always the best!

Pure Cottage reception building

You need to bring towels with you . I forgot to bring them both the night and the morning 😛

Area A is right next the the reception building but area B was kinda far to go back.


Dinner (kaiseki cuisine)

I had the kaiseki cuisine style for dinner. Kaiseki cuisine (懐石料理) is a traditional Japanese style course meal.

Maybe all the other guests went for shabu-shabu or sukiyaki. It looked as if the place was chartered for us. lol

The restaurant had a one free drink service for the guests. They some how allowed the local sake drink comparison set too. That’s some service.

Needless to say, all the meals were delicious!

The picture I took doesn’t look appetizing but the Nabe (japanese stew) sure was good. The fish fillet that looks like salmon is actually a Yashio trout, one of the local specialty from Tochigi prefecture.

The zosui (Japanese egg porridge) was also amazing.

Desert was cut fruit assort.

When I saw the meal list, I was a little worried that it might not be enough, but I was very satisfied by the quantity in the end.

Morning (buffet)

The morning meal was a buffet mostly with the ordinal Japanese dishes.

There were gloves everywhere and the COVID preventions were fine.

There were too many dishes that I wanted to try. I went around like three times 🙂

I used the Balmuda toaster for the first time! It was a great toaster.

You can kinda see the Nasu park from the window.

Since the tent is transparent, you will be forced to wake up with sunrise.

I definitely recommend reserving an early time for your breakfest.

Other services

I used the official website for reservation and they gave me a ¥2,000 coupon with can be used for recreation and souvenirs at the shop next to the reception.

I bought drinks from the Rindo lake and a souvenir for my colleges.

Every one at my work place was praising the Nasukogen rich milk donuts.

Nasu Highland Park, NOZARU, Rindo Lake

Nasu Highland Park

It’s about a 5 minute walk to the park. There’s actually a gate which takes you into the park from the campsite (they will tell you the gate passcode).

The entrance fee is free when you stay at the official hotel. But you have to remember that they charge you for the rides. ¥4,000 for the one day pass.

The rides were stopped on the day I went because of strong wind 🙁


It was located on the other side of the sidewalk of Area B campsite. Pretty convenient.

The weather was too cold for outdoor activity when I went there. You have to be careful because there is iff season during the winter.

Rindo Lake Farm

It was about 20 minutes drive from the campsite.

There was an enormous line at entrance but we were able to skip the line and enter from the VIPish entrance because we stayed at the official hotel.

I ate a bunch of food, rode horses and all the other things you can do at a farm. The biggest attraction Zipline Kakku was closed due to strong wind.

Wind was ruining the big attractions throughout the trip!! You should pray for good weather on the day of your reservation.

The drain the lake during the winter season. I’m excited for spring already.

No lake during the winter!


Glamping was super luxurious and comfortable even in the great nature!

The price was expensive for sure but I think the reduction rate was appropriate enough to make the experience feel like a good deal.

I was also able to see a shooting star during the night!

Overall, I was satisfied with everything and I want to revisit some day.

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